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Turn/River provides capital uniquely tailored to help bootstrapped, growing, technology companies and their founders achieve their goals.

About Us

We started Turn/River because we see the emergence of new type of web company — one that is lean from the start — operating profitably at small scale by taking extreme advantage of the web for distribution, outsourcing and iterative learning. But, we know that these companies are, in a strange way, a tough fit for the existing financial players: too capital efficient for venture capital, too small for private equity and too messy for strategics. Turn/River was built specifically to step into this gap.


Turn/River specializes in growth capital investments, founder liquidity, buyouts, spin-outs, recapitalizations of small-scale technology, web and Saas companies. Our strategy is to combine rigorous, iterative marketing, sales and operational execution with capital to help companies double or triple their growth, and build value for everyone.

Portfolio Companies

Mailgun is the leading email automation platform built for developers. Mailgun provides a powerful set of APIs that allows users to send, receive, and track email easily from within their applications.

Sucuri is the leader in website security with their malware/blacklist removal and CloudProxy Firewall (WAF) product. They secure your website so you don't have to. Sucuri was acquired by GoDaddy in 2017.

Huddle is the industry-leading enterprise document collaboration platform that helps over 100,000 teams, enterprises and government organizations collaborate intelligently.

Trakstar is a global perfomance management company that provides performance appraisal software to help organizations manage feedback, goals and reviews.

Magnus Health is the leading provider of a cloud-based student medical record solution designed specifically for schools. They equip schools with tools to save time & money while remaining in compliance with HIPAA, FERPA and state regulations.

testIO is a test management system to set up explorative and test case-based testing in just a few minutes. They have a large group of international testers providing coverage across all devices.

Airbrake bug tracker is an error reporting application that provide insights into the health of your application and an organized platform to help teams squash bugs faster.

Reviewsnap is an all-in-one performance management system that manages your performance reviews, 360 degree feedback, compensation dashboard and learning content integration.

Bookfresh is an online scheduling tool for SMBs. Bookfresh was acquired by Square in 2014.

Plum District is an e-commerce platform that offers products, activities & inspiration for all mothers. Plum District was acquired by nCrowd in 2014.

Our Team

Dominic Ang Dominic Ang
Managing Partner

Dominic is the Founder and Managing Partner of Turn/River Capital, a firm focused on helping bootstrapped, growing, technology companies and their founders achieve their goals. In addition to managing the firm, Dominic also leads the firm’s investment process and led the investments in BookFresh (acquired by Square), Sucuri, Reviewsnap and Airbrake. As an active board member and advisor to portfolio management teams, he leverages his background as a former CEO and data-driven marketer to optimize companies for growth. Prior to founding Turn/River Capital, Dominic led the buyout, and became CEO, of My Perfect Sale (later acquired by Sugar, Inc). Prior to that, he was a Vice President at Vector Capital. While at Vector Capital, Dominic was on the board of Register.com, WatchGuard Technologies and Printronix. Dominic graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, where he received a B.S. in Business Administration.

Evan Ginsburg Evan Ginsburg

Evan joined Turn/River Capital in 2015 and was part of the Turn/River team that made the BookFresh investment. He became CEO at BookFresh and built a team that drove significant growth, leading to its successful acquisition by Square where he led Product Marketing for Square Appointments immediately after. Prior to BookFresh, Evan was a successful enterprise software sales executive for Inquira (acquired by Oracle) and Qumu (acquired by Rimage). He is currently on the board of Sucuri, and was an advisor and part of the original investment team for, and was an angel investor in, My Perfect Sale.

Chase Sorgel Chase Sorgel
Operating Partner

Chase joined Turn/River in 2016 and is focused on driving growth at the Turn/River portfolio companies. He leads the operations team that partners with the leadership at the Turn/River portfolio companies to execute and optimize proven growth strategies. Prior to joining Turn/River, Chase spent the previous 11 years building high-performance marketing and sales teams in start-ups and large organizations. At PayPal he led the global growth team that drove profitable customer acquisition across 100 countries. At the solar start-up RePower, Chase built the marketing and sales engines that generated 6x in revenue growth.

Joanne Yuan Joanne Yuan
VP of Investment

Joanne joined Turn/River in 2017 and is responsible for sourcing and executing new investments. She has nearly a decade of experience investing in, scaling, acquiring and selling enterprise software companies at Hellman & Friedman, Morgan Stanley and Google. Prior to joining Turn/River, Joanne was an investment partner at Cowboy Ventures, a seed stage venture fund. She has an MBA from Stanford GSB and graduated magna cum laude with dual BS/BA degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.

Natalie Levy Natalie Levy
Director of Investment Development

Natalie joined Turn/River in 2017 and is focused on driving sourcing efforts for the team. She was previously a top enterprise seller and also participated in business development efforts across several financial, real estate, and sales enablement SaaS businesses, based out of San Francisco and New York City. Prior to technology sales, Natalie was a trader at Citigroup for 5 years. She holds a B.S.E of Industrial Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Michigan.

Jarrett Stringfellow Jarrett Stringfellow
Director of Sales and
Customer Success

Jarrett joined Turn/River in 2017 and is focused on driving sales and customer retention across the portfolio companies. Jarrett has spent the last 13 years working in a myriad of pre and post sales functions on the front lines and in leadership roles. After building and leading SquareTrade’s Channel Sales team, Jarrett joined Impact Radius where he led the account management group to deliver best in class revenue growth and customer retention.

Alvin Ang Alvin (no relations) Ang
Vice President

Alvin joined Turn/River in 2014 and is responsible for sourcing and executing new investments. He works with several of Turn/River's portfolio companies and assisted with Reviewsnap's transaction. Alvin is a member of the operations team, assisting portfolio companies with several initiatives, including A/B testing, customer research and implementing marketing analytics to drive growth. Prior to joining Turn/River, Alvin worked as a programmer and marketer on several side projects and an engineer at Bechtel.

Ben Holloway Ben Holloway

Ben joined Turn/River in 2016 and is responsible for sourcing and performing due diligence on new investments. Prior to joining Turn/River Capital, Ben worked at Intuit in a variety of positions including Corporate Development and Product Management, and at Morgan Stanley as a Private Equity Analyst. Ben graduated from Hamilton College, where he received a B.A. in Political Economics.

Danny Zhang Danny Zhang
Director of Paid Media

Danny joined Turn/River in 2016 and manages all paid marketing efforts across the portfolio companies. Prior to joining Turn/River, Danny worked at 3Q Digital, a leading digital marketing agency, driving revenue growth for SaaS clients via paid search, paid social, and CRO testing. Danny has doubled the number of paid leads for Turn/River portfolio companies within 30 days of taking over their accounts. Danny graduated from Purdue University, where he received a B.S. in Economics.

Micah Fisher-Kirshner Micah Fisher-Kirshner
Director of SEO & Content

Micah joined Turn/River in 2018 and manages SEO and Content across the portfolio companies. He’s been in the SEO field for 10 years having previously worked at Zendesk, Zazzle, and Become, as well as with smaller companies such as Balsam Brands. You’ll find him occasionally speaking at conferences such as SMX, advising for companies like SEO Radar, or participating as a weekly panelist for Dumb SEO Questions. Micah has a Master’s in Pacific International Affairs from UCSD and a BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University

Maggie Miller Maggie Miller
Investment Development

Maggie joined Turn/River in 2017 and is focused on sourcing new investment opportunities for the team. Prior to joining Turn/River, she worked in sales and marketing at various Bay Area startups. Maggie graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she received a B.A. in Political Science.


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